Here at Earths Eye Media we specialise in capturing your ideas and making them real using the latest drone technology alongside the latest camera equipment to bring you the very best.  A variety of services are available with us, capturing all angles of earth from, agricultural, real estate and 3D modelling to local attractions, ground photography, night operations and so much more. We have the experience in photography for the low on ground work but also have a CAA approved drone operator flying state of the art drones to reach the areas people just can't get too.



Earths Eye Media believes that safety is very important and keeps dangers out of the equation, so we won't take off in any conditions which we think could be harmful or dangerous. We have the required skills, knowledge, ability and confidence, enabling us to supply you all with the breathtaking and pleasing shots you may desire. We hold valid CAA approved public liability insurance cover, ensuring that every operation is undertaken with ultimate care. We'll complete a risk assessment, site survey and pre-flight check before every operation enabling us to fly and supply with ease on the day of filming. The Earths Eye Media team will always provide Professional, Reliable and Safety throughout all aspects of our services. As a team this is what we believe our clients and customers will mostly benefit from. 



We will continue to grow and expand as we move into the future, creating endless amount of media for you to follow, be inspired by, keep updated on our everyday movements and for you to also be involved in too. We have also created a shop where you are able to purchase any of our media of your choice. This shop will continue to expand with great content and provide you with a wide range of options that suits you. In the future we are also looking to offer customers course's, where we will be able to help people around the world who want to learn some new skills, or even possibly follow in the footsteps of Earths Eye Media and create their own business in Aerial and standing photography. We'd like to thank you for visiting our website, we hope our work has captured your attention and if you are interested in purchasing, planning or discussing your thoughts, we are more than happy to receive an email from you.


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